BaseTech Ventures AG was founded in 2012 by brothers Roland and Gerald Tauchner. The successful entrepreneurial duo brings together their extensive experience in the technology sector under the umbrella of the holding company, investing in a healthy mix of companies from various industries based on their solid expertise. With a focus on sustainable value management, their motto is to be as focused as possible, while being as diversified as necessary.

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Our investments are not only profitable but also responsible. We believe in companies that make a contribution to our world and can positively change the future through innovative technology. With our investments, we contribute to promoting such technologies and thus sustainable business models.

ROLAND TAUCHNER, Founder & Investor

Our current strategy is based on a healthy portfolio mix. We diversify more than in the past and pay close attention to the sustainability of our investments. We firmly believe that through this focus, we will remain successful in the long term.

GERALD TAUCHNER, Founder & Advisor Investment Committee

A Bootstrapped Success Story

The global rise of a self-made Family Business

With sparkling ideas at the right time and smart decisions, to entrepreneurial heights

The brothers Roland and Gerald Tauchner have practically built from scratch and on their own an internationally successful group of companies over the past 25 years, generating nine-digit revenues.

From bold pioneers to confident navigators in the dynamic technology landscape.
Already in the early 2000s, the entrepreneurial duo made a name for themselves with visionary ideas and a first-mover mentality in the area of SMS and mobile payment. In the following years, the brothers continuously developed their group of companies through foresighted decisions in line with technological progress, and navigated it confidently through the stormy times of technological change. And they have done so successfully – and exclusively family-owned – to this day.

“We are a family business! And that is also the spirit within our companies. We are proud that some employees have been active in our holdings for decades. Trust in technology and above all: trust in people – that is our greatest success.”

Roland Tauchner

Experienced serial entrepreneurs at the forefront of time

There is no end in sight to their success story. Roland and Gerald Tauchner remain committed to actively shaping the future with new innovations. With their majority stake in DINAPE Solutions GmbH, they have taken the next bold step in building a technology for the faster development and easier operation of highly complex software systems. Their goal is to assist companies in swiftly implementing digital ideas with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to grow successfully and stay ahead of the curve.

Therefore, the signs point to “to be continued”, and it remains exciting to see what other successes the future holds.


Brothers. Business partners. Serial founders.
The Perfect Match: With perseverance and innovative spirit to success.


Roland Tauchner

Founder & Investor

A visionary strategist with a sense for making the right decisions. Even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he always finds a way that benefits all parties involved.

Strengths: Optimism, determination, diplomacy.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. (Winston Churchill)

Gerald Tauchner

Founder & Advisor Investment Committee

A talented motivator with an unstoppable innovative spirit, always on the lookout for promising business opportunities at the forefront of the times.

Strengths: Unique first-mover mentality and sales skills from day one.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. (Steve Jobs)


Visionary Ideas

First Mover Mindset

Determined pursuit of visions

Finding new ways

Innovative spirit

Mental persistence, entrepreneurial endurance

„After more than 30 years in business, we are seasoned riders on the storm. We understand that to soar, you must know your roots. Through all our setbacks, we have learned and grown from crises, and thanks to our roots, we are equipped to face any headwinds. Our most valuable asset? We are a family-run business, independent as such, and always true to our core values: Trust in people and technology is the foundation of our success.”

Roland and Gerald Tauchner



years of experience as entrepreneurs


years of experience as investors


companies founded


active shareholdings



Gemini Interactive Ltd.

  • Investment-Start: 2020
  • Status: Private & Active
  • Headquarters: Swatar (MLT)

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Gemini Interactive is a leading mobile service company that creates and operates first-class mobile websites and apps, develops innovative mobile marketing tools, and integrates modern mobile payment solutions.

Fumbi network j. s. a.

  • Investment-Start: 2019
  • Status: Private & Active
  • Headquarters: Bratislava (SK)

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Investing in cryptocurrencies seems to be one of the most profitable investment opportunities today, but it is undoubtedly also risky. Informed decisions can only be made by carefully weighing the risks. Fumbi reduces all risks to a single question: Will the cryptocurrency market grow in the long term? The algorithm updates and monitors your portfolio on a daily basis to track and balance the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies with your investment, all without any additional costs.

Gateway Ventures GmbH

  • Investment-Start: 2016
  • Status: Private & Active
  • Headquarters: Vienna (AT)

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Gateway Ventures (formerly primeCROWD GmbH) is a platform that connects startups with investors. The company provides support to investors in financing promising young companies and enables investments in selected startups with great potential. Gateway Ventures offers personal advice, facilitates contacts with startups, and provides regular success reports that strongly consider the personal level in addition to pure numbers and business scenarios. This helps investors to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the companies they are investing in.

Leadtributor GmbH

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Leadtributor’s software simplifies lead management in indirect sales structures between manufacturers and resellers. With an intelligent push/pull process, all relevant information is quickly and efficiently forwarded to the corresponding contacts. Innovative processes and special features motivate sales partners to regularly work on their leads and report on them. The tool combines fast processing with high-quality results. Anomalies are immediately detected, enabling a rapid and targeted response.

Calm/Storm Ventures

  • Investment-Start: 2020
  • Status: Active
  • Headquarters: Vienna (AT)

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Calm/Storm Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in promising companies from the pre-seed phase to series A, with a strong focus on the digital health sector.

Energy Web Foundation

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The Energy Web Foundation has developed a scalable open-source blockchain platform that has the potential to revolutionize the energy sector. The company’s mission is to advance the transition to a decentralized, democratized, carbon-neutral, and resilient energy system. The platform sets a market standard by guaranteeing interoperability, reducing costs and complexity, and bringing together distributed blockchain initiatives. Technology deployment is facilitated through easy-to-implement applications. The BaseTech Ventures AG was already involved in the first hour of this innovative technology during the Pre-ICO.

DINAPE Solutions GmbH

vormals: DIMOCO Research Center

  • Investment-Start: 2016
  • Status: Private & Active
  • Headquarters: Brunn / Gebirge (AT)

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DINAPE is a company that specializes in developing highly complex software solutions for FinTechs and telecommunications companies since its foundation in 2016. Driven by the goal of advancing new technologies and making them accessible for highly scalable applications, they have created a state-of-the-art plug-and-play solution. Today, this solution helps many companies accelerate their digitalization efforts and dive into the agile business world of the future. DINAPE originated from one of the largest Austrian research projects in recent years and stands for innovation at the highest level and cutting-edge technology.

Cleen Energy

  • Investment-Start:
  • Status: Public – Vienna Stock Exchange share (ISIN: AT0000A1PY49)
  • Headquarters: Haag (AT)

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As a complete provider of sustainable energy solutions, Cleen-Energy works passionately on its mission: to take on the steadily growing energy demand together with its customers in the B2B sector and to enable a feasible path towards the energy transition. To achieve this, the company combines holistic energy concepts with innovative financing models.

Klint Ventures AG

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Klint Ventures brings Swedish and Nordic tech enabled companies to international investors as an intriguing and enticing diversification to their current investment portfolio.

Orderlion GmbH

  • Investment-Start: 2023
  • Status: Private & Active
  • Headquarters: Wien (AT)

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The Orderlion app has been developed to simplify the ordering process for food and beverages in wholesale. The app automates many routine tasks, allowing more time to focus on growth. Orderlion customers don’t waste time listening to lengthy voicemails or filling out manual orders. The user-friendly app streamlines ordering processes, enabling wholesalers to attract more customers and increase revenue.

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EXIT (3)

Dimoco mobile messaging

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DIMOCO Messaging provides reliable, multifunctional messaging solutions for mobile operators, global aggregators, and businesses worldwide. As a local hero, the company combines local presence with global reach and places great importance on direct customer and partner relationships. With a powerful and successful platform for worldwide message delivery, DIMOCO Messaging is the ideal partner for companies seeking a reliable and scalable messaging solution.


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Byte Heroes enables gamers and interested parties to exclusively bet on selected e-sports games. In combination with the innovative payment processing via the internal cryptocurrency PLAY, provides an additional thrilling experience for gaming events.


  • Investment-Start: 2017
  • Status: Sold to ORACLE (Aug. 2022)
  • Headquarters: Perchtoldsdorf (AT)

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The FOEX Plugin Framework is a low-code rapid application development (RAD) tool that helps developers create modern and professional business applications using Oracle APEX and Sencha Ext JS. The software tool provides the essential building blocks so that anyone with basic knowledge of PL/SQL and Oracle APEX can quickly and easily create large-scale web applications – both on the client and server-side.



Roland Tauchner announces his resignation as the President of the Board of Directors of BaseTech Ventures AG. We sincerely thank him for his dedicated and successful tenure. Mr. Roger Lüssi will succeed him, and we warmly welcome him. As of November, Mr. Lüssi will assume......

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of DIMOCO Messaging AG by Tofane Global. BaseTech Ventures AG has developed DIMOCO Messaging into a leading global SMS / CPAAS player, delivering more than two billion messages annually since its foundation. The licensed payment institute DIMOCO Payments......

On April 13, 2023, DIMOCO Research Center GmbH will reach its next stage of evolution and become DINAPE Solutions GmbH. Founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the established Dimoco Group, the company has been developing and researching highly complex and integrated software solutions for......