Good bye DIMOCO Research – welcome DINAPE

On April 13, 2023, DIMOCO Research Center GmbH will reach its next stage of evolution and become DINAPE Solutions GmbH. Founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the established Dimoco Group, the company has been developing and researching highly complex and integrated software solutions for FinTechs and telecommunications companies for many years. Over time, a unique technology has emerged and reached maturity, which advances cutting-edge technologies and makes them accessible for highly scalable applications.

With the founding of DINAPE Solutions GmbH, the next logical step has now been taken to bring this mature expertise to market in the form of the plug-and-play platform, DINAPE. The technology, originally developed as a transaction gateway, has the potential to become a game-changer for companies in a variety of industries.

“We are excited to guide businesses from various industries with DINAPE Solutions and to accelerate sustainable business success at the highest technological level,” said Roland and Gerald Tauchner.”

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